There Are Several Concealment Options for Women

There are a lot of women who carry concealed guns. It can be hard for a woman to find stylish concealment clothing that secures the gun. There are several products available that can help keep your gun concealed.

Purse Carry

Most women have been told to carry their guns inside a purse. This requires you to have control of your purse at all times. You cannot leave the purse unattended at all. Purses are meant to be slung over a shoulder. This can lead the purse to be snatched away from you. This is not an ideal position if you need to grab your gun too. There are some purses that are specifically made for concealed carry. They give you a separate compartment for your firearm.


Bra Carry

Women have an advantage over men. They have curves that can help with hiding a gun. Some women prefer to carry a gun in their bra. There are specialty bras that allow the gun to sit securely on the body. They come in a full sports bra model that secures the gun off to the side. There are other models that work in conjunction with your bra. These concealment bras allow you to have access to your firearm while you wear your favorite clothes.


Shorts Carry

Soft elastic holsters allow you to safely carry a gun. They are usually made with fabric that contours to your body. Concealment shorts are a good example of this type of product. They fit like a pair of shapewear shorts. The fabric is very flexible and moves with your body. Some shorts even let you adjust the holster for a better fit. You do not have to worry about your gun sticking out. These concealment shorts can be worn with any style of clothing.

If you are looking for concealed carry shorts, there are plenty of options available. You need to find a concealment product that fits comfortably and allows you to have access to your gun.