Three Things to Do with Old Electronics

It doesn’t seem like it was that many years ago that people held onto their electronics for years. You might remember using your first digital music player in high school and taking it to college with you, or you might remember playing on the same game console for five years or more. Manufacturers now release new electronics every year that you may want to buy and use at home or on the go, including televisions, gaming consoles and even cell phones. When you decide to upgrade to a new device, you can do a few different things with your old one.


While you might want a brand new iPhone and think that no one could possibly want your old phone, old phones and other electronics are in hot demand. When it comes to selling an older phone, you need to make it clear to buyers that it works on specific networks like Verizon or AT&T. You can sell your old electronics through online classified ads that you post in your area or through an online auction that lets you ship that item to a buyer in another state. Some companies even have kiosks that let you sell a phone or tablet without speaking to another person first.


If you just want to get rid of your old electronics and aren’t concerned with making any money, you can recycle those items. Companies like ERD LTD, Inc. make recycling easy. You may find that you can request a shipping label and print that label off at home or at the office. Place the electronics in a box or padded envelope, stick the label on the front and drop in your mailbox. For larger items like televisions and stereos, you’ll find local recycling programs like the ones that some stores offer.


You should consider donating some of your old electronics too. Some people can only afford secondhand electronics like phones that are a few years old. Thrift shops and charity stores will accept your donations and sell those products to others, and you can deduct your donation on your taxes. You can donate to local schools and other organizations that could benefit from things like gaming consoles and televisions too. When you upgrade your electronics, you can do different things with your old televisions, gaming consoles and phones like donating, recycling or selling.